Going For It: Why Pursuing Your Passion is a Form of Self Care

December 1st, 2022

We all have ‘it’. Something that makes us smile every time. A creative hobby or an activity we’ve been practicing since we were young. Passion drives the world around us. But if you aren’t in the car behind the steering wheel, it’s gonna zoom right past you and maybe even splash up some rain water too. 

Pursuing your passion, whatever that means for you, is undeniably a form of self-care. Putting time and effort into something that you value is a way of reassuring yourself that you and your thoughts are worthy of love, care, and attention. 

What is one self care practice that we hear over and over? To honor your thoughts and feelings. So honor them! If you have this deep gut feeling that you should start something of your own, then do it! Start big or start small. Just start. The moment you begin doing what you truly want to do, your inner confidence is going to increase and dare I say you might start to feel as if you can tackle anything.  Also, you may just happen to inspire someone to go after their dreams. Imagine a world where everyone was pursuing their passion so intently. There would be no space for hate because everyone would be occupied trying to nurture their dream.

What do we have to lose? Collectively, we have been gifted a short life on this beautiful Earth. Would you ever throw away a gift that a close loved one gave to you? No, probably not. So why on Earth should any of us throw away any of the potential we have in this lifetime. Humans can do some amazing things, especially when we put our heads together. So honor and love yourself, and pursue that passion of yours. No matter where you start, it all counts for something, and who knows what you might make out of it.