The Simple Life Lesson We Can Learn From Nature

December 7th, 2022

You know those epiphany moments? Where you’re like… oh my god, YES, I understand now. I had one of those at the beginning of this year after observing some trees surrounding a lake.

I have walked around this lake almost every day for an entire year. There are lots of different types of trees lined up on the lake, but my favorite ones are the Bald Cypress trees. These trees shed their coppery brown leaves during the winter and slowly grow back during the spring. This spring, I noticed that certain Cypress’ started to bloom before other ones did. Halfway through spring, and some trees hardly any green leaves growing back. Now eventually, all of the Cypress trees were blooming with their bright, lime green leaves, but along the way I was taught a very valuable lesson.

Not everyone in life is going to bloom at the same time. We are all on our own time clocks and our own paths. Even given the same conditions, we all come into ourselves and our good fortune at the given time. I think nowadays, especially for young adults coming out of college or entering the workforce, it is so easy to compare ourselves to everyone else around us. Oh, two of your friends are already married? Great, good for them! Oh, and almost all of your peers seemingly appear to be neck deep into their careers? Great, good for them! Even though what appears to be true, which may or may not be, it doesn’t matter! Because we are all different trees. We all have our own life paths. We will all bloom, I promise.

If the trees that are rooted so interconnectedly deep into the Earth don’t bloom at the same time, what gives us any reason to believe that complex human beings with differing life paths will? I know it can be hard to see other people in your life ‘grow’ or ‘discover their purpose’ while you feel like you’re just going through the motions. But I promise, not everything is as it seems, and as long as you are trying your best, and doing right by yourself and others, your time will come.